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I am currently sitting in my living room, cream bun in one hand, phone by my side, laptop open and a headtorch on.  Why the last one? Well we have a powercut.  Abigail came and went and didn’t deliver, although something has obviously affected the power network this evening, as it went off at 5.40 and isn’t due to return until 9pm.

I may sound a little indifferent or disappointed by Abigail, and I suppose I am.  Firstly, I am glad that it appears no one was hurt as a result of the storm, and that I’m not aware of much damage locally.  I checked things a couple of times last night, but it never came close to worrying me.  I rarely venture outside in a storm, but felt quite comfortable doing so last night.


The egg-stent of my damage

My concern just now is the apparent increasing over-reaction we get from the media, whenever there is a storm forecast.  Last night saw winds hit around the 80mph mark, up and down the North West.  Yes, that is windy, but it’s something we are used to here.  The coverage Abigail got was ridiculous; you’d be forgiven for thinking it was the worst storm ever to hit here. It wasn’t.  The worry is that people are going to start paying less attention to warnings about storms and then potentially be caught out by one.  On the night of the 8th/9th of January this year, we had winds of 113mph recorded in Lewis.  This was the worst storm I’ve experienced (worse for me than the Jan 2005 storm) yet it was classed as an ‘Amber’ warning by the Met Office – the same as last night!  Abigail was probably a combination of it being the first storm of this winter, and the first that had been given a name by the Met Office, hence the media coverage.  What is totally forgotten in all this, is that we had 71mph (unofficial station) wind speeds recorded on Monday, and we have similar wind speeds forecast for this Monday.  I await with baited breath to see what the news declares.

Anyway, back to my cream bun.

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November 13, 2015

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