Some activities are dependent on time of year, while others are available all year round.

At any time of year, there is a lot of work to be carried out on the croft. Activities available throughout the year are:

  • Collecting eggs
  • Cleaning hen house
  • Feeding hens
  • Checking sheep
  • Feeding sheep (a few are kept close to home for visitors)
  • Feeding pigs

airbg2 (Small)The crofting year kicks off in Spring, when the world begins to come back to life after the winter. This is the best time to visit to see newborn lambs and lots of activity.

Spring activities include:

  • Lambing
  • Feeding sheep
  • Feeding lambs
  • Livestock husbandry
  • Hatching chicks
  • Ploughing
  • Planting

20140222-062736-pmSummer sees livestock flourishing on lush grazing and the crofter’s focus switching elsewhere:

  • Peats (cutting, lifting and taking home)
  • Sheep shearing
  • Tending to young lambs and chicks

Autumn is when some of the lambs will go to market, and some will be retained. Plans are also afoot to prepare for winter:

  • Lambs sales
  • Lifting potatoes

Winter can be cruel. This is when livestock need maximum input to ensure survival:

  • Feeding livestock

Eggs are available to purchase all year round, while orders for seasonal lamb, mutton and pork can be made at any time, for delivery in Autumn until year-end.

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