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As I posted on facebook last week, BBC Alba have given the go ahead for a second series of An Lot, but before I talk about that, I suppose it’s time for me to get some of my thoughts down about the first series.  I can’t believe how well it’s gone down, so many people have given me great feedback over the past few weeks, more than I’ve had for any other programmes I’ve ever done.

For me, the most important thing was that it came across as natural and was a true reflection of what things are like here, and on many other crofts.   A lot of that is down to the vision the director, Neil Campbell, had from the beginning, and also the editing skills of Paul Duke.  MacTV were really easy to work with over the 18 or so months of filming, and I think the whole process was helped by the fact that there were a few crofters involved from the production side of things.  It all works well when folk ‘get it’.  My worry was, had it been a different production company, that they would have come with the story they wanted to tell already in their minds, and would have wanted me to play up to stereotypes – that wouldn’t have worked and wasn’t the case.

I think the whole family came across very well.  We are all big characters and I think that showed.  The typical response since broadcast has been referring to ‘Poor Innes’. I don’t feel sorry for him!

Oh, and for EVERYONE who keeps asking, the song over the closing titles is ‘All I Have’, by Bart Warshaw – I love the song!

On to series two then. We’ve had an initial chat about it and plan to start filming around lambing time.  I’m not sure when they plan to broadcast this series, but I’m sure the slot series 1 had was brilliant, being over the festive period.  We shall see.  Filming in series 1 started in July 2014 and finished in early December 2015, so there was loads and loads of material to choose from.  This series will probably mean a little bit more planning – despite that being something I don’t do a lot of!!

Keep watching this space!

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January 24, 2016

5 Responses to An Lot 2.0

  1. Lee Allen says:

    I absolutely loved it Sweeney and can’t wait for the next series. I was born in the highlands but alas live in Cornwall now and get very homesick, and watching the programme every week kept the homesickness away. No, don’t feel sorry for Inness, he needs to get stuck in!!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    I really think it should be a permanent, long running fixture – real people doing real things in real places in real times; or at least a whole year long, so people can see the whole seasonal thing right through. I never thought ‘Poor Innes’ – but he is a bit of a legend 😉 lol


  3. Kate says:

    Really enjoyed it as I do the “bits and pieces” on f/b. Life as it is on the island, your personal ups and downs , your perseverance throughout. Coming through, loud and clear and at all times, the closeness between you and your family. What’s not to enjoy?

  4. Innes Carmichael says:

    I loved the series. No, not poor Innes, he needs a friendly boot up the behind to get him stuck in. Martin is a hero though. The programme was great and the whole family came across as real and genuine. Roll on series 2.

  5. GMB says:

    Any chance BBC America will make it available for potential viewers in the US? Or online availabliity somehow?

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