Bye bye piggies :/

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Well, the deed is now done. I’m not sure how I feel. I’m relieved that they have gone, glad they had a good life but I will miss them as they were such characters.

I fed the pigs yesterday for the last time and today, instead of their breakfast, they got a spin over to Stornoway.

As it was dark when I left for work, Dolaidh ‘Beag’ Campbell (one of the pigs is bound for his freezer) took them over instead, leaving Ness around 9.40.

I met them at the slaughter-house, just to make sure all the paperwork and everything else was in order. Here is Dolaidh having a look at them in the trailer.


They went in the trailer with no problems and were quiet all the way over, no difficulties.


I signed off the paperwork, we unloaded them and that, as they say, was that. Off they trotted, oblivious to what was before them. Quite a sad final image, I think.


That was around 10am and the guy at the slaughterhouse told is they’d be despatched by lunchtime. They’ll be ready to pick up at the beginning of next week, then they’ll be butchered.

Anyway, all this talk is making me hungry. Think I’ll have a bacon roll….

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December 11, 2012

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  1. It is hard parting with animals that you have built a relationship with. I try not to get too close to the bunnies that I harvest. They aren’t people friendly and, if one is, it usually gets a reprieve and is sold as a pet.

    That being said…….MAN! You’re going to have some delicious cuts. I bet it will be fantastic!

    • sweenyness says:

      Haha! So true! The meat is fantastic, especially the sausages. They are out of this world. This is the third time I’ve had pigs. I learnt the hard way with the first ones that it’s not a good idea to get attached to pigs!

      Once they’re dead, they’re dead. I find it easy to detach and treat them as meat.

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