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  • More chicks

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    On May 18, 2014 • By

    I ordered some eggs from Andy at The Chicken Street about a month ago, and they hatched on Mon/Tue of last week. This was quite a surprise, as they were due to hatch the previous Saturday! I candle the eggs and saw that 7/8 of them were fertile and waited patiently for them to appear. Nothing on Saturday and nothing on Sunday. Oh. I was worried.

    I’ve had workmen in for the past 3 weeks (they came at short notice, otherwise I wouldn’t have had the eggs in the incubator) and I thought the fact that they switched the power off now & again may have affected the eggs. I was all set to switch off the incubator on Monday morning, but thought I’d leave it until I got home that night. I hadn’t heard any cheeping from the eggs, so was convinced they’d all failed. I was quite surprised to be greeted by these wee ones when I came home!

    20140518-110437 pm-83077643.jpg

    Another three hatched over the next 24 hours, leaving 5 in total.

    20140518-110551 pm-83151552.jpg

    20140518-110552 pm-83152409.jpg

    These are Speckled Sussex and the second batch I’ve hatched of them. Hopefully they’ll be just as nice as last years ones. 2 hens & 2 cockerels. Here is one of the cockerels.

    20140518-110728 pm-83248683.jpg

    Incidentally, the work happening at my house is applying external insulation to the walls, as part of a funded scheme. It should be ready in the next couple of days and currently looks like this!

    20140518-110936 pm-83376945.jpg

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  • 300

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    On May 18, 2014 • By

    This week I ordered 300 hens. Yes, I know it might be crazy but it’s something I’ve been working on for a few months. I have been looking at the supply and retail of eggs in Lewis for a while now and have had some good feedback from the shops I have approached. The hens are ordered, now I just need to arrange their housing. I won’t be using the CCAGS scheme for this, as I’ve found it to be more a hindrance than a help – I’m still waiting for over £800 from my last hen house. Definitely not worth the hassle.

    Anyway, watch this space for progress with the hens. I hope you all want some eggs!

    20140518-105712 pm-82632506.jpg

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  • chicks hatching

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    On February 24, 2014 • By

    Oh it is all go today!

    A beautiful morning so I popped out to feed the animals before work.

    20140224-050127 pm.jpg

    I have 10 eggs in the incubator just now and thought they’d start hatching later on tonight, so I popped in to check there was enough water in the humidifier, to get through the day. There wasn’t, but that wasn’t the surprise, I had a cute wee chick waiting for me, with another on the way!

    20140224-050051 pm.jpg

    The second wasn’t long in joining it.

    20140224-050101 pm.jpg

    It’s 5pm as I write this and there are still only two, although at least one more is showing signs of hatching. I’ll update later!

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  • Saturday Marathon

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    On February 22, 2014 • By

    Phew. Time to put my feet up and relax in front of the fire.

    I’ve had a busy week and had a few jobs to catch up on.

    First up was cleaning out the hen house and making sure their food & water was topped up. I lock the hens out of the house while doing this, and sometimes they lay eggs outside. Martin helps me clean the hen house so I asked him to go outside and collect the egg. It took him 5-10 mins! I hope you can all spot it!

    20140222-062723 pm.jpg

    He also gave me a hand feeding & watering the sheep. A helper really is handy!

    20140222-062715 pm.jpg

    Of course, Martin gets some eggs as payment. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours. A nice mix in this box.

    20140222-062736 pm.jpg

    After feeding the sheep, preparing for the arrival of big bales on Monday and running Bud on sheep, I decided to re-pen the ducks. They’ve been free to roam for a few months but unfortunately 2 of them ventured out to the main road, before Christmas, and were run over. I’ve tried to get them into a run a couple of times, but they are nigh on impossible to catch!

    Today I decided to give it another go. Last spring, my brother Murdo and I made some new pens. I used it for sheep during lambing last year, and latterly for chicks.

    20140222-062743 pm.jpg

    I used an old fishing net that my dad had (with his permission) to stop them flying away. Hopefully I’ll start to see some eggs now, I haven’t had any in a while.

    20140222-070149 pm.jpg

    The weather has got nasty later on in the day, so I moved indoors. I put some eggs into the incubator nearly 3 weeks ago and it was time to switch off the turning feature and increase the humidity. Two eggs have burst in the last few days (two on the left, 2nd & 3rd down), so I removed them. With luck, some chicks will hatch on Monday!

    20140222-062804 pm.jpg

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  • My helper

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    On February 16, 2014 • By

    My wee brother Martin and has Downs’ Syndrome but this doesn’t mean he gets wrapped up in cotton wool – he still comes out and helps on the croft!

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  • Chickens & eggs

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    On February 3, 2014 • By

    Eggs are coming thick & fast and the cockerels seem to have been much more active recently, so I’ve decided to try a dozen eggs in the incubator. If they work, they work. If not, I’ll try again later. Mixed results last year with the incubator, but I’ve got a much better idea of what I’m doing this time.

    20140203-103403 pm.jpg

    In terms of eggs, I think I now have regular customers for all my eggs, at current output levels anyway. Good local eggs are one thing that’s always guaranteed to sell.

    I also moved 3 pullets (and a young cockerel) in with the rest of the hens tonight. My dad’s van is handy for transportation of this nature. Glad he doesn’t pay attention to my posts!

    20140203-103553 pm.jpg

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  • Some Air An Lot developments

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    On February 2, 2014 • By

    I am full of enthusiasm for the crofting year ahead. So many ideas are popping into my head and I’m having a job prioritising them just now. The barn is obviously top of that list, but I have a couple of smaller developments, which should provide a little additional income.

    First up is the eggs. More hens are coming into lay every day, and the new hen house and run are proving to be much more efficient than I could have hoped for! Last year I was lucky to be getting 3/4 eggs a day, as the hens were laying them in long grass and crows were stealing them from the hen houses. I am now at a dozen eggs a day, here is today’s haul

    20140202-021019 pm.jpg

    I’ve been selling them regularly at work and also to a few people locally, but I’m now at the stage where I’m still left with more. For anyone in Ness, including my regular customers, I’m putting a plastic box on the main road, at my parents’ house, to sell additional eggs. £1.50 per half dozen.

    20140202-021520 pm.jpg

    I’m also firing up the incubator tonight and hope to put 15-20 suitable eggs into it shortly. Once they (hopefully) hatch, I think I’ll get some duck eggs to hatch too.

    My other, more exciting development, is that I’ve booked some piglets! I bumped into my pal ‘Cudaig’ last week and asked him to keep me 4 piglets from his next litter – hopefully around Spring time.

    20140202-022419 pm.jpg

    I’ve had pigs before, all from Cudaig; 2 in 2009, 4 in 2011 and shared 4 with neighbours in late 2012. My plan for these ones is to fatten them up and sell the meat. If you want top quality pork, you can get your 1/2 or whole pig right here! The sausages are just out of this world!

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  • I love Saturdays

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    On February 1, 2014 • By

    Today was an extremely satisfying day.

    Started off by helping a neighbour, Donnie, take home one of his lambs that had been a bit poorly. A refreshing spin in a tractor trailer is a good start to any day.

    20140201-103006 pm.jpg

    I then moved my own lambs from behind my parents’ house to another field, which offers more shelter. Bud helped me move them and I gave them a bale of haylage – they love it.

    20140201-103020 pm.jpg

    20140201-103047 pm.jpg

    My ewes are due to be scanned a week Tuesday (11th) and are currently at the bottom of the croft. I took them a big bale today, which should last them until then.

    20140201-103055 pm.jpg

    This was the first time in a couple of months that I had the tractor out. I haven’t put it back in the barn, as I fear I may need it to feed the sheep, should we get snow soon. They’re happy enough as they are though.

    20140201-103107 pm.jpg

    Last activity on my hitlist was cleaning out the hen house. I’m actually enjoying doing this, now I’ve discovered how good the snow shovel is at cleaning it!

    Eggs are coming thick & fast now. Think I had 6 dozen this week and numbers increase every day.

    20140201-103121 pm.jpg

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  • Tasty Local Food

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    On January 30, 2014 • By

    I delivered a meat box from Melbost Farm to a fellow Niseach today, receiving a couple of steaks and some sausages from Angie at the farm for my troubles! I reckon that’s a pretty good deal.

    photo (5)

    Collected some eggs from the hen house too, so scrambled egg and sausage will be on the menu on Saturday morning. Tasty, fresh and all local.

    What are your own favourite local foods?

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  • I’m a genius

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    On January 26, 2014 • By

    Sometime you have moments of inspiration which surprise yourself. Yesterday, I had one of them.

    I was doing my usual Saturday morning chore of cleaning out the hen house floor. It’s covered in poo and saw dust, and takes a wee while cleaning it all out with the spade; maybe 15-20 minutes.

    Just as I was starting, I thought I might try and use the snow shovel that has been sitting unused in my utility room for the past 2 years. We’ve had no snow to talk of in that time, so I haven’t actually ever used it. I thought the plastic might be a bit flimsy for the gunk on the hen house floor, but it was just perfect. I can’t describe how delighted I was!

    5 minutes later, I had a pristine floor and it didn’t take long for me to lay down the fresh sawdust.

    20140126-123116 pm.jpg

    This will make mucking out so much easier and I might actually enjoy it, when the weather starts to improve!

    The other plus point is that the eggs are coming thick & fast now, up to around 10 a day.

    Won’t be long until the hens have paid off the hen house!

    20140126-123126 pm.jpg

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