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  • A special day

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    On May 19, 2013 • By

    Today marked one year since this blog started. What a year it’s been; full of ups and downs, which all added to the 50,000 views the blog received. I’m not going to mark it with anything special, just recap a typical easy Sunday.

    It was a misty start to the day, but it soon cleared up and ended up being a cracker.


    Once the mist disappeared, I decided to go for a walk with Bud. I went up to South Dell, from Traigh Dhail, a route I haven’t done in about 5/6 years. I took loads of pictures, which can be seen on the Air An Lot facebook page. Here is Traigh Dhail, looking north from the South Dell side.


    Once we got home, we went to check the bottle-fed lambs. They’re growing quickly and looking good. The orf infection they had last week has cleared up completely and here is Lasarusina, sucking on my finger. There is a video of them playing with Bud on facebook (it’s easier to load & share videos there)


    We also popped into the barn to check the chicks. Bud LOVES the chicks, he can’t keep his eyes off them!


    So that’s it. Roll on the next year.

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  • Bud & the lambs

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    On April 23, 2013 • By

    Poor Bud just doesn’t know what to do with these lambs – they’re meant to be scared of him!!

    [wpvideo vc3nAIMm]

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  • Lambing holidays over

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    On April 16, 2013 • By

    It’s 7.42am on Tuesday. I’m back to work today after over 2 weeks and I’m putting it all off by writing a blogpost instead!

    I’m just going to summarise my Sunday & Monday, with the aid of pictures, before I go to work. I’ve always taken pictures of the things I do, long before the blog, and it’s a good way of remembering all you’ve done.

    My Sunday started off with the big cat acting weird. I soon found out why. He had taken me home a present. This wee fellow was soon released back outside. We have a big problem with rabbits here but I couldn’t dispatch this guy at all!


    Lambs were still coming thick and fast. This cross-cheviot was born on Sunday afternoon.


    I had a wee bit of a panic on Sunday too, one of the day old lambs went missing. It took me half an hour to find her – snuggled up in a corner.


    We had a wild night on Sunday. The wind was sustained at 77mph and gusting to 86. Not ideal lambing weather but this ewe had the right idea. Use the hay ring as a shelter for her newborn.


    On Monday morning, I had to take Bud to the vet for his vaccine booster. This is how he felt:


    He’s not a fan of the car, especially not long journeys to Stornoway. I feel his pain.

    There were several off-jobs to be done. First up was cleaning the hen houses. Look who I found sound asleep in one of them.


    Last summer, we got a boat. We haven’t taken her out yet and she spent the winter beside the barn. We took her in yesterday, as my dad is off this week and will get her ready.

    It means I can get my green bin back, it’s been home to the engine for the past 7 months!


    While I was out at my parents, I transferred the chicks from their kitchen, out to a corner of the barn. They’ll be here for a few weeks now.


    I have a few ducks, 2 of them are Khaki-Campbells. I haven’t got close to the KCs since I got them over a year ago, but I managed to catch the drake yesterday. He had got himself stuck in a net. What a fine beast he is!

    Shame the photo is out of focus…..


    And with that, it’s probably time I got up and went to work.

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  • Noisy Croft

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    On April 14, 2013 • By

    I’ve been recording a lot of the different sounds on the croft.

    You can listen to them over on Audioboo. I think my favourite is starting the tractor!

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  • New TV series

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    On April 2, 2013 • By

    My new programme started last night, Sgoil nan Cuileanan/Puppy School, all about training 10 young dogs. Very entertaining and you can watch it on iplayer here

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  • What does a croft sound like?

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    On March 30, 2013 • By

    Here’s your answer:

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  • A week in pictures

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    On February 23, 2013 • By

    I’ve had a busy week and haven’t really had time to blog so here is a quick summary!

    Myself and the crofter next door both lost a sheep each on Monday, so we buried them in the same grave, instead of digging two.


    Chops’ son Neil came in to dig with me. Here he is digging away, while I….supervise


    Bud was his usual mischievous self this week and I always get suspicious when he goes quiet and this is where I found him the other night. Somewhere he isn’t allowed to go!


    I had a day off on Friday and moved some sheep. This is one that had the yellows as a lamb and she was covered by a swarm of black


    There is a moose loose aboot this hoose, well the shed. My dad spotted one, maybe 2 this morning. I picked up my big cat and took him into the shed. Within 30 seconds, he had stalked and caught a mouse. What a killing machine!

    Within half an hour, he was back in the shed, patiently waiting any further mouse moiv


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  • Bud’s had an accident

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    On February 15, 2013 • By

    Poor Bud had an accident this morning. We were out for his morning training session on sheep and were moving them away from the barn & obstructions around the back when he sprinted to stop the hoggs from going back towards the barn and went straight into the old trailer. He has superficial cuts above both eyes and the poor fellow is feeling very sorry for himself. We left the sheep and will return another day!


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  • Training Bud

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    On February 12, 2013 • By

    I’m trying to post updates of how my training with Bud is going. This is my first attempt at training a sheepdog so it’s a learning process for me too. Here is my first day’s training with him and here is a wee session I had 10 days ago. As you can see from today’s video, I have moved on to trying some voice commands. I am using my body position to move him by associating the “away” (anti-clockwise) and “come-bye” (clockwise) commands with my movement so that I can soon stand still and command him by voice alone. He listens to 95% of my commands while on sheep but he is not as easy to control when there are no sheep for him to focus on!

    I’m very happy with his training (and mine) and you will also notice that he is a bilingual dog! Nach e tha math!

    [wpvideo owl9du3b]

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  • A quiet Saturday

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    On February 3, 2013 • By

    Just like last week, I haven’t had too much to do this week, apart from the daily feeding routines.

    I started off by having a training session with Bud on the lambs. I try and give him a run out on them most mornings, when I’m walking him out to my parent’s house and I’m quite happy with how he’s progressing – especially considering it’s my first attempt at training a dog.

    [wpvideo DakN9jkU]

    I had a wee bit of fun by burning an old bale of hay that had been in the shed since last year and after that went out to the moor to feed the sheep. There were 5 missing but they’re more than likely ok. If it was only one missing, I’d be worried. 5 means they’re probably together somewhere.

    I’ll be gathering them and putting them in the reseeding next Saturday, as they are due to be scanned the following Tuesday, so I want them close to hand.


    I am planning to put seaweed on the vegetable plot again this year so I nipped down to Traigh Dhail, on the off chance that some had been washed up following this week’s storm. As you can see, none about.


    While feeding the chicks in the morning, I decided to let them out of their run, for the first time. They’re getting quite big now (6 months old) so I’m comfortable letting them out as it’s unlikely seagulls/crows are going to attack them. I think they enjoyed their day out.


    My last chore of the day was just that – a chore. Cleaning the henhouses. I try and do it every Saturday and can now do all 4 in about half an hour. I think the materials used are a good example of some easy recycling. I collect old newspapers from the local shop (which would be binned otherwise) and my dad collects bags of shredded paper from the council offices. Plenty bedding material and all free!


    Time to batten down the hatches once again tonight. We are due gales and snow for the next 2 days. I think the sheep may be getting some of the hay sitting in the barn, waiting for weather like this.


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