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  • Bud and the door

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    On January 21, 2013 • By

    I am in absolute stitches tonight. Bud doesn’t really like the laminate flooring in the kitchen and now he’s decided he has to come through the door backwards because of this – priceless!!

    [wpvideo niFSyVXQ]

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  • A great day for a winter walk

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    On December 16, 2012 • By

    We’ve had a pretty good fortnight in terms of weather. High-pressure has meant clear-skies, beautiful days and crisp, cold days.

    That continued today, although not quite as nice as yesterday, so I took advantage and went for a walk to Traigh Chrois (Cross Beach) which is at the bottom of my croft. This screen-grab from Google Earth gives an idea of where it is. The blue dot is my house and the beach is the one directly above it. It’s about 3/4 of a mile away.


    For those unfamiliar with Ness/Lewis, this screen-grab puts it in context to the rest of Scotland. You should see the blue dot in the north-west tip of the island furthest to the north-west.


    First I fed the chicks on my way in, they were sat on top of their house, warming themselves in the winter sun.


    Bud came with me in the walk, and we were also followed by one of the cats, the one that was posing yesterday, also came along.

    I think Bud was a wee bit jealous of the cat, and did a some posing himself, once we got to the beach.


    I didn’t have my Nikon camera but I had my iPhone and I had a go at playing about with the panorama setting. This is the beach.


    And this is the end of Abhainn Chrois (Cross River), which meets the sea at the beach. This is a place where my brothers and I spent many days playing during the summers. Great memories.


    And these are the rocks at one end of the beach


    While I was walking among these rocks, I came across this wee rock pool. It had a couple of fish in it but it was the bright colours that caught my eye.


    Bud still had enough energy to jump over the fence when we left!


    The cat was up to mischief though, he was hunting for rabbits while we were on the beach. I’m not sure how far down the hole he goes, but at one point, I could only see the tip of his tail!


    I took a few videos of playing about with Bud and threw them together here, just in case anyone wants to see him in action!

    [wpvideo P9yysflZ]

    p.s. I have him on a long line in case he decides to do a runner and chase some sheep when I don’t want him to!

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  • Another busy Saturday

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    On December 16, 2012 • By

    Saturday is always my busiest day of the week, especially at this time of year when daylight is limited and I don’t have the chance to do anything on the croft during the week.

    Saturday is my day for catching up on everything that needs doing. At this time of year, the rams are still with the sheep. I am confident that all the sheep have been ‘serviced’ now and I would prefer it if I had taken the rams away from the sheep, but I just haven’t had the time. I’ll do it either next Saturday or maybe Christmas Day/Boxing Day. I’m looking forward to 10 days off work, I should be able to get a lot done during that time.

    Yesterday, I checked all the sheep and moved 2 of the flocks onto fresh grazing.

    First were these ladies, they’re on a neighbours croft and I moved them onto fresh grazing on the same croft.


    The Big Fellow is with them still. I think he’s lost a wee bit of condition so he’ll get plenty extra feed once he leaves the sheep.


    Next up were this flock. They are on another croft in the village that we use.


    They had quite a straightforward commute across the road to their new field. Yes the gate needs replacing but it is stockproof!

    [wpvideo Y15mrJIP]

    A quick scan of the other flocks showed no problems and all seems to be good. The eye problem is long gone. Finally.



    Bud was in with me too, this is his wee party-trick

    [wpvideo 1SWupIkR]

    Last week, he started training on sheep so I wanted to do a wee bit of training this week as well. I have some small lambs at home that I’m feeding and they’re perfect for training Bud.


    So Bud was introduced to them but things went wrong instantly. Bud went out as he should, hit full speed but then crashed straight into this


    It’s part of the sewerage pipe from the house and Bud ran straight into it, while focussed on the lambs. I thought he’d broken his paw/leg the way he reacted, whimpering and hobbling straight over to me. He was ok after a minute or so but wasn’t keen on working the lambs.

    I was a wee bit worried how he would react, as he is a sensitive dog, but we tried again after 3pm and he was ok – although he needed another dog to encourage him once again, so thanks to Kathleen for appearing with Nell. No video this week but I’ll get one again next week.

    The chickens also need looking after. Hen houses cleaned (I hate that job) and chooks fed. I have chicks as well and I’ve been looking to offload some of them. 5 of them went to a new home a few weeks ago and another 5 went yesterday.


    Hamish is an Australian married to a Niseach and has been in Ness for several years now. He came up and took 5 chicks and I left him to go into their run and catch them.


    I love the look of surprise on his face when he realised I was taking his picture – not the most flattering pic (sorry Hamish)


    That was about it, apart from the typical boy thing of taking a picture of his car in a new location….


    The day finished up (at around 2.30) with me doing a wee freelance piece of filming for the BBC, I’m doing a piece on Am Bathadh Mor – the Great Drowning – when 31 men were lost at sea in December 1862.


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  • Bud the inquisitive collie

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    On December 13, 2012 • By

    Every morning, Bud goes out to my dog-sitter, my mother. Being an inquisitive collie, he wants to see what’s happening in the rest of the world so he has started jumping up onto my mother’s desk and looking out the window – drives her loopy!


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  • Training Bud

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    On December 8, 2012 • By

    Today was my first ever time having a serious attempt at training Bud. He’s about 10 months old now and ready for sheep. I’ve never trained a dog before so this is all very new to me. Picked up plenty of the theory from Farpaisean Chon Chaorach but putting it into practice is a different matter.

    I went up to Galson, a nearby village, to have a go at Kathleen Thomson’s lambs. They are used to dogs and she has a ring set up for them so a decent set-up.

    I took this wee video as he was working. Did really well, I was impressed with him, as was Kathleen!

    [wpvideo vJ2VHKsY]

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  • Morning routine

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    On December 2, 2012 • By

    Lovely morning here. Round about -2, the first properly frozen morning of the winter. Thought I’d just run through what I do most mornings.

    First up for feeding are the hens.


    Only two eggs today. The eggs have dried up at this time of the year. Hopefully they’ll be plentiful again by spring.

    Then I feed the wee lambs that I have in front of the house. They had a keen audience for their breakfast today.


    But those sheep didn’t have to wait long, I gave them some feed too. I don’t normally feed them but I’m giving this flock a wee bit so that I can get a close look at the eye problems.



    You can see that the one in the middle is still suffering from it in her left eye. She’ll get another injection on Tuesday if I hasn’t cleared.

    Next up are the chicks. Some of these are 12 weeks old today!


    They had an audience too but these sheep didn’t get any extra feed!


    I do my rounds with my helpers each morning. Bud is keen on the sheep now.


    And the cats follow me everywhere!


    They all got fed too, now it’s my turn!


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  • Bud staring at the ceiling

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    On November 30, 2012 • By

    Bud has spent the last 15 minutes staring at the ceiling. It’s so funny! He saw a light shine on it and is waiting for it to come back!



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  • Feeding in the dark!

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    On November 19, 2012 • By

    Man, it is a miserable morning out there!

    Got up today around 6.45 but took me a wee while to get myself ready for going outside – psyched myself up first then put on the survival suit!


    It was pitch black when I went out, around 7am. My usual routine is feed the pigs first, then the hens and chicks. Bud comes with me every morning – you should see how excited the wee fellow is every time I put my wellies on!

    Today, did the pigs as usual but I found it darker than normal. I usually feed them nearer 8 but since I had extra to do, they were earlier this morning. Don’t think they fancied getting out of their warm bed at that time but funny how powerful an influence food is!

    Next I walked out the croft to leave Bud with my mother for the day, and I picked up some crystalix mineral licks for the sheep that we got on Friday but I forgot to put them out on Saturday!


    The sheep go wild for this stuff. I fought off the temptation to use my pickup to take it in to the sheep (as I was soaking and filthy) so the tractor got fired up instead


    As you can see, it was still pretty dark at that time.



    A quick spin in the croft – the sheep are in the furthest sections away of the crofts, about 1/2 or 3/4 of a mile away – and I was greeted by sheep hiding behind the shelter myself and Innes put up 2 years ago. They need it on a morning like today.

    As soon as they realised I had food, they came flying over. They love it! The only problem for them is they have to lick it – even though they’d love to bite off a big chunk!


    They’re always a bit ott with the stuff at first and it can lead to some bullying but they settle down quite quickly. I gave licks to 3 of the 4 flocks this morning. I’m leaving the blackfaces as I think they’re ok without.

    Took the tractor out to my parents house after that, it’s going into the barn for the winter – and hopefully some TLC!

    Walked home, fed the chicks and hens, now I have to contemplate a shower an going to work! The joys!

    Why do I do all this, you may ask? Because I love it. Real sense of satisfaction – even on days like this!

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  • Walk on the moor

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    On October 7, 2012 • By

    Took Bud for a walk out on the moor this morning. You can see the pictures here

    And this is roughly where I walked to, out past the end of the peat road






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  • Some Bud pictures

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    On August 26, 2012 • By

    Some pics of Bud aged 7 months






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