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  • Farpaisean Chon Chaorach

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    On June 27, 2012 • By

    So a wee break from the norm last weekend, started filming series 5 of Farpaisean Chon Chaorach (Sheepdog trials) for BBC Alba.  Some of you may know that in another life, I present this programme, and have done so since it began.  This is over and above my day-to-day work with the BBC.

    We were at Ian Brownlie’s farm near Alloa.  I’d been there before, filming a feature in series 1 in 2008.  Anyway, here is myself and my co-presenter, Catriona MacPhee.

    But I think this is closer to our usual on-screen relationship…..

    Every good programme needs a good Director, and here is ours; Gary Coia.  Gary has been our Director since day one and he is responsible for FCC’s unique style!  Here he is with his new “hat of power”

    Here are 2 of the crew, Anne Morrison (from Lewis) and Laura Dickson.  Never realised that Laura was out of focus – sorry Laura!

    Mairi Alice Bartlett is also from Lewis, but she wasn’t as willing to pose for camera!!

    Stan Leech is one of 5 cameramen who cover the trials, here he is filming from his platform

    His ‘platform’ is his van!

    The sixth cameraman on the shoot is Neil MacConnell (also from Lewis), he films the hilarious links that we presenters deliver!


    Oh, there are also some sheep and dogs on these days….  Here is Mary Caul running.  I will get more pics over the next few weeks, there is a distinct lack of dogs so far!

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  • Sunday afternoon walk.

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    On June 17, 2012 • By

    another fine day here, so I went for a walk in the croft with Bud, the pup.  I usually walk in my own croft, but went in number 18 instead, to check the new piglets, who arrived on Friday night.  I let them out of their wee enclosure for a while – and they seemed to enjoy it.

    #Bud is intrigued but also a little freaked out by them!

    Further on down the croft and I was greeted by a sea of daisies!

    I can’t remember what the English is for this plant that’s growing on the crofts, it’s a kind of wild rhubarb.  We call them ‘gallan’ in Gaelic.        This is is growing on a patch of no-mans land and creeping onto the croft.

    It usually grows quite thickly on my croft too but it’s been quite heavily grazed up until now, so it looks like this just now.

    I carried on down to Traigh Chrois, one of my favourite places in the world!

    While the rest of the of the country has been suffering from heavy rainfall, we have been suffering from the opposite!  The driest spring/summer in a while.  This is Cross River, which usually covers most of these stones.  This dry spell isn’t totally unheard of, we had a similar spell in 2008.

    Slightly further upstream, this is where myself and my brothers Murdo and Innes used to mess about when we went on our Sunday walks.  I remember making a raft here one afternoon, as well as trying to catch tiny fish in jars!

    It wasn’t just myself and Bud that were on the walk, one of my cats came too.  Here she is chilling in the shade.  She vanished on the way home, probably off hunting rabbits.

    We walked back up through the gallan on the way home.  Bud was loving it.  Rather than walk through it, he was leaping! This is him mid-jump.

    I sat down for a wee while and took a couple of pictures of Bud.

    As I was sitting down, he jumped up on my back and started barking.  I think he spotted another dog on Cross machair, about a mile away.

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  • More Bud pictures

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    On June 3, 2012 • By

    A few of the pictures I’ve taken of my puppy Bud in the last week or two.



    Now this technically isn’t a picture of Bud, but a picture of Bud’s cage – with my brother Innes in it!

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  • Nice night for a walk

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    On May 24, 2012 • By

    I got home around half 5 this evening and it’s been busy!  Firstly myself and my brother Innes took a 3-piece suite to the community charity shop from a house at the other end of Ness, before I moved some sheep and did some of my last bits of ploughing.  I wasn’t going to bother ploughing anything else, as it’s a bit late, but nothing has been growing until now, so I thought I might as well do it!  Anyway, I went for a walk in the croft with Bud (the puppy) afterwards and I took my camera with me!

    This is half-way in the croft, looking west towards the sea.

    Bud was with me on the walk

    He was totally freaked out by this dead hedgehog!

    The sun thinking about setting at around 9.20 (still very light here after 11pm)

    Heading back home, my mother’s croft is the one I’m walking on, mine is on the right. I use both.

    Some lambs.  These are 5-6 weeks old

    This is some of my ploughing

    The workhorse – I must point out that the headlamp was an incident my father had – not me!

    And I thought I’d end with a picture taken from my back door at 11.05, just to show how light it is!

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  • Bud up to 4 months of age

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    On May 18, 2012 • By

    Bud arrived in mid-March, in place of my old dog, Jim (who I may write about at some point)

    He settled in quite quickly, here he is dozing in a basket of clean clothes!

    On his first walk in the croft.  In this photo, I think he looks like one of these toy dogs that does flips!

    Training him early to get used to the tractor!

    And the 4×4!

    But all this work makes Bud a sleepy boy!

    At least this time it was dirty clothes!

    He gets hungry too – this is him eating his first rabbit!

    My very own meerkat

    This was his first time on the beach

    Just Hangin’

    He disappeared on me one Sunday afternoon – found him sound asleep on my bed!

    Big Yawn

    Full of energy


    Trying to chew a whale bone in the front garden!

    For the time being, I will leave you with this picture of him feeling sorry for himself, after hurting his paw running around the kitchen!  There will be many more Bud pictures – I guarantee that!

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