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  • Drainage complete

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    On October 24, 2013 • By

    This time last year, I put in an application for drainage on the crofts. This week, it was finally finished and I will put my claim form in on Monday. The drainage on my croft is costing £189. I get 60% back, meaning it costs me £75. My mother’s croft had twice as much drainage dug and she only gets 50% back.

    John Angie Henderson, of Peateater fame, was the contractor used. He had done all the drainage work a couple of months ago, but came back to tidy up some of the material that had to be carted off site.


    There was no where on either croft suitable for dumping the material that came out of the big long ditch, so I moved it to another site.


    I quite enjoyed my day in the tractor, running back and forth with the earth. Beats working in an office anyway and a productive way to spend my week’s holiday.

    The only other thing we did was make a wee bit of access for the tractor, to allow me to get somewhere that was a little tricky before.



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  • Fences & ditches

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    On October 21, 2013 • By

    I had a great afternoon today, pulling down some old fencing and getting the new posts etc ready.



    I recently had some ditches dug/cleaned out across both crofts and tomorrow I’m going to have some fun carting away some of the earth that was dug out. I actually cannot wait!


    In this picture, Bud is sniffing a mill stone that was sunk into my croft, but had to be moved to allow the digger to access.


    Originally a millstone, then used by a blacksmith to make wheels. Any suggestions on how I could use it?

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  • Odd jobs

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    On August 2, 2013 • By

    It’s a local holiday here, so myself and my father were off, giving us the chance to catch up on some odd jobs.

    First up we packed away the wool. The sheep were shorn about a month ago and the bags of wool have been sitting in the barn since then. They are picked up by Hebrides Haulage in August, so we sewed the bags shut, ready for that.


    The other job was to remove the doubles from the tractor. The doubles are on to help spread the weight when out on the moor taking home the peats. All the peats are home now, so doubles no longer needed. This is man-sized tyre changing!


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  • Noisy Croft

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    On April 14, 2013 • By

    I’ve been recording a lot of the different sounds on the croft.

    You can listen to them over on Audioboo. I think my favourite is starting the tractor!

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  • Wednesday

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    On April 4, 2013 • By

    I am very much enjoying my time off. I’m only in the house to eat and sleep, just the way life should be!

    I was ploughing today, just a wee section to use as a vegetable plot.


    After ploughing, I threw some chicken feed on there, to allow the chickens to fertilise it in their own special way!


    Sheep-wise, lambs are slow. Although I did take this picture of my favourite sheep. She lost her ears, eye lids and horns as a lamb, after suffering from ‘the yellows’. Think it’s called Yellowsis, they eat some plant and become sensitive to light and the extremities fall off.

    I have another sheep that is a bit flat.


    She is scanned for twins and I’m a wee but worried. Gave her 40ml of calcium to see if that would help.


    I noticed her eye had a wee bit of discharge too, so she’s now on a course of penicillin.


    That’s it for the day, more of the same tomorrow.


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