Drenching & vaccinating

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I’m quite sore and tired from all the work yesterday; every single sheep drenched and all the lambs vaccinated.

It was a miserable morning, so I didn’t get started with the sheep until nearly 2pm. I got the hens out of the way in the morning, cleaning out the hen house and topping up feed & water. All under the watchful eye of Bud and the relaxing cat

20140525-105356 am-39236554.jpg

I also removed a trio of birds that I am going to breed from. I hatched these Speckled Sussex from eggs I got online last spring. Fantastic birds and I’m going to hatch a batch of my own now.

20140525-105632 am-39392385.jpg

So on to the sheep. They are split into 4 smaller flocks, to spread them amongst the crofts. That means more work gathering and penning them. We’d probably have been done in an hour, had they all been together.

Uisdean passed the lambs to me and I doses, injected and checked them all.

20140525-105826 am-39506835.jpg

We worked quite well and efficiently, just the way I like it!

20140525-105907 am-39547429.jpg

Uisdean is volunteering with me as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award. He is down most weeks and enjoys working with the sheep. He’s considering getting a couple of his own, which I think is a great idea

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May 25, 2014

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  1. MARY says:

    Bud and the Black cat just wanted to make sure you did it the right way. The sheeps are so cute too. Glad to hear that you have a wonderful helper. That does make it easier on you.

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