Eye problem still lingering

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Regular readers will be aware that I’ve had a lingering eye infection problem over the past few weeks. Well, it’s still there. Checked the sheep early this morning and discovered a sheep with it’s eye basically useless. No chance of recovery. The other eye is fine though.


I checked the rest (again) and found one other sheep with signs of infection starting in one eye. It’s really frustrating! There isn’t much more I can do, the flock that I found the infection in today were clear and had no infected sheep amongst them, so it’s obviously been lingering a while.

Spoke to the vet and he’s going to come over again on Friday. I’m taking the day off work and I’m going to remove every and any sheep with sign of infection and take her nearer to home. Bad time of year for it to happen too, they have to be out with the ram if I’m going to have lambs in the spring!

Here is a snap of me having given the sheep a bale of hay.


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November 27, 2012

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  1. Carole says:

    Sorry to hear you’re still having a problem with this, I have heard ‘pink eye’ is rampant this year, and highly infectious, so you’re doing the right thing by separating the affected ewes. I understand that it is VERY difficult to cure, and can recur following treatment. You may find using a ‘puffer’ applicator for powder antibiotic helps, as the powder will stick to the eye longer than an ointment that they can rub off. Wish you the best of luck, and I will follow your progress with interest.

    • sweenyness says:

      Hi Carole, spoke to the vet today to try and figure out how to get rid of this as quickly as possible but he suggests to do what I’m doing. He mentioned powder but said that it isn’t made any more so can’t get it!

      If you have a look at previous posts on the eye infection, you’ll see that we have injected the sheep directly into the eye-lid, as some of them had got particularly bad after a week in a park on the moor. That cleared it up for most of them but still lingering – one sheep that was completely blind recovered but is now blind again!

      Taking them all close to home and putting them with the same ram. I can’t afford to leave 10+ sheep barren!

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