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Last week I bought a fertiliser spreader and this week I got some fertiliser. What’s left to do? Spread it!

I got home from work last night and got cracking straight away!

20140530-111033 pm-83433043.jpg

The fertiliser itself is available locally in 25kg or 600kg bags. Obviously 600kg is a bit much for me, so 12 x 25 kg bags for me. The spreader could take 10 of them, but I left space to carry the remaining bags in to the section of the croft that I was going to apply it to.

Didn’t take too long either. Can you spot all the baby rabbits here? They’ve made some mess in at the shore end of the croft.

20140530-111421 pm-83661322.jpg

It only took me half an hour. We’ll see how it goes now. I don’t think any fertiliser has been spread on our crofts for a generation! It certainly won’t do any harm!

Here are a couple of pics from inside the cab

20140530-111709 pm-83829220.jpg

20140530-111710 pm-83830432.jpg

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May 30, 2014

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