I am back!

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Firstly, apologies for the silence here. As you can see, I have an all singing, all dancing new website.  This is why the blog has been quiet, as I couldn’t update it while things were being upgraded.  It took so long because I’ve been so busy and was always slow in getting stuff to Derek at Heb Web Design, but it’s all been worth it.  I strongly recommend Derek if you’re thinking of a new website – I am delighted with mine.

Anyway, it has been quite the six months Air An Lot.  I’ll summarise what’s been going on and I should probably start with the hens, they are the profitable part of the croft business after all!

I have been very busy with them all year and the summer selling season was better than I expected; I had more and more shops coming to me for eggs.  Unfortunately, I have a limited supply, although it is very difficult to turn down more custom.  After juggling it all for a while, I have eased off as we head into the autumn, obviously coinciding with the hens laying fewer eggs.  I hope to be back up and running at full capacity shortly, once they start laying again.  Fingers crossed it won’t be long, less money coming in but the same going out!

I had a mixed year with the sheep and lambs.  Lambing wasn’t great and a poor growing season didn’t help matters at all.  I have to admit that I did miss documenting things in detail on my blog, and I think it will be more noticeable for me when I look back.  The blog has been so handy for me checking records etc, as everything is noted on here, even if I have forgotten to note it officially elsewhere!  I have been sharing things on the Air An Lot facebook page, but I have to admit that it is usually photos and some fun stuff there, I tend not to go into too much detail, as sometimes things can be taken out of context, particularly if someone just happens to come across a photo.

Loads of stuff going on in the background too, which I will share when I can – the most exciting is the BBC Alba series ‘An Lot’ which has followed me since July 2014 is due to air from 5th December. A 6 part series which I will remind you all about closer to the time.

I’ll get back into the groove of blogging again and more than happy to take suggestions on topics – I really want to get my teeth into putting my thoughts on paper again.  I feel I need to voice my opinions about crofting in general soon…..

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November 9, 2015

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  1. Fraser Macdonald says:

    how did you start up with sheep? ive gone of the idea of the hens for now and ive now thought of sheep?
    what did u do to start up?

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