I love Saturdays

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Today was an extremely satisfying day.

Started off by helping a neighbour, Donnie, take home one of his lambs that had been a bit poorly. A refreshing spin in a tractor trailer is a good start to any day.

20140201-103006 pm.jpg

I then moved my own lambs from behind my parents’ house to another field, which offers more shelter. Bud helped me move them and I gave them a bale of haylage – they love it.

20140201-103020 pm.jpg

20140201-103047 pm.jpg

My ewes are due to be scanned a week Tuesday (11th) and are currently at the bottom of the croft. I took them a big bale today, which should last them until then.

20140201-103055 pm.jpg

This was the first time in a couple of months that I had the tractor out. I haven’t put it back in the barn, as I fear I may need it to feed the sheep, should we get snow soon. They’re happy enough as they are though.

20140201-103107 pm.jpg

Last activity on my hitlist was cleaning out the hen house. I’m actually enjoying doing this, now I’ve discovered how good the snow shovel is at cleaning it!

Eggs are coming thick & fast now. Think I had 6 dozen this week and numbers increase every day.

20140201-103121 pm.jpg

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February 1, 2014

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  1. MARY says:

    Donald, as usual your photos are just awesome.

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