Lamb meat boxes

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Who fancies some Air An Lot lamb?

Over the past few years, I have sold some lamb meat boxes locally, but this year I am looking to expand.  I am offering to deliver lamb boxes to Inverness or Glasgow.  Obviously it is months away and the lambs are still to be born, but I hope to get some orders in advance, to allow me to plan a trip!

If you are interested and want to find out more, please drop me an email



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January 24, 2016

4 Responses to Lamb meat boxes

  1. Helen Hagan says:

    Hi I may be interested. What would be in the box ? I’ve bought a whole lamb from a colleague I work with in Inverness in the past. The cost depended on the weight of the lamb would it be similar to what you provide ? I could collect from Ness.

  2. Catherine fraser says:

    Praise the Lord,I asked you about this last year,book me in for Inverness delivery,I asked you last year and you said oh wait I will find out,how will I pay you,Ilnow it’s in advance are you setting up a paypalaccount to make it easier for us all? Can we order eggs as well,whoop woop ,Sweenie meat for Christmas Day!

  3. Catriona macarthur says:

    Please let me know what is in a box and how much I love in Stornoway. Thankyou in advance

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