Late night lambing

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As tends to happen, things got busy while I was away. I was playing for Ness last night, over in Point, and my father was keeping an eye on things. My brother Murdo was watching the game, and came up behind my goal with 10 mins left, saying I had to get home asap as there were problems. Not what I wanted to hear!

Anyway, I got home and two had lambed, one which needed some help. As she was a gimmer and had some difficulty, I decided to take her in for the night. It was quite straightforward getting her in.

20140415-104838 am.jpg

I was a little suspicious about another one, so went out to keep an eye on her. It was a beautiful, moonlit evening.

20140415-104848 am.jpg

One of the chickens keeps escaping from the hen house, I found her sleeping under the wheel arch of the 4×4

20140415-104950 am.jpg

By the time I reached the sheep again, the first twin had been born, and the second wasn’t far behind. A successful evening all round.

20140415-104937 am.jpg

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April 15, 2014

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  1. Mary says:

    Why that little stinker. Sleeping under your car wheel. The lamb’s so cute.

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