Lost Triplets

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My start to lambing 2014 has been tough. I’ve been really busy this past week, so I haven’t been keeping the blog as up to date as I would have liked. I’ve been posting updates on the blog facebook page, but I prefer to keep the blog as a more permanent record of crofting activities.

Anyway, last Sunday was a tough one.

Around 6pm I noticed that one of my sheep due triplets was prolapsing. I phoned the vet and got her penned asap.

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The vet came, fixed the prolapse and then said that the sheep had started lambing. This was actually the first prolapse that I’ve seen and was surprised at how quickly it was resolved. The lambing itself was a slow process, as the sheep took a long time opening up. At this stage, we believed the lambing had caused the prolapse, maybe due to ring womb.

After about 2 hours work, the lambs were out. All 3 alive, and all 3 female. What a high!!

20140413-035512 pm.jpg

I had fully expected them to be dead, but was over the moon that they were alive. I left them for a wee while and came back to make sure they were on their feet and had fed. They hadn’t.

I was getting more & more concerned about the black ones, as they were weaker and quieter. I took them into the kitchen, to make sure they were warm, dry and fed. It didn’t take long for one of them to die though.

20140413-035524 pm.jpg

I took the two live triplets out to my parents house, where we made sure they were fed and left them under the heat lamp for the night.

20140413-035543 pm.jpg

At this stage, the white one was looking strong. It was walking about and drinking from the bottle. The black one wasn’t as strong. By 9am, the white one had died, and the black one was gone shortly afterwards.

20140413-035826 pm.jpg

Heartbreaking stuff. I’ve spoken to the vet since then and deduced that the prolapse sent her into early labour, meaning the lambs were born before their lungs has correctly formed. There was little I could do, which is a shame but also reassuring.

A week on from then, the ewe is still not back to normal. She’s a little flat and obviously in discomfort. I’ve given her penicillin during the week, but the vet gave me an anti-inflammatory and stronger antibiotic to give her. Hopefully that’ll do the trick.

20140413-044046 pm.jpg

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April 13, 2014

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  1. Mary says:

    The poor things. That sure does hurt a person and also hurts the mother lamb too.

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