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I’m a bit miffed tonight.

You may remember a few weeks ago that I had an inspection on the hen house, to make sure it was all in order. As part of that, I had to get a couple more feeders, so I duly ordered them, along with other bits and pieces on my week’s holiday last week.

The company had previously sent me a massive cardboard box with feeders & drinkers, which came via courier for a very reasonable £13.95.

This time, they decided to do the same, but strap the box to a pallet for extra strength. I paid my £13.95 and the box came on Tuesday. Happy days.

Tonight I got home to an invoice for an ADDITIONAL £60 from the courier for transporting a pallet from Inverness!!!

I’m astounded. I managed to manoeuvre the ‘pallet’ on my own, as it wasn’t that heavy. I’m not sure what steps to take, but I’m not keen at all at paying the extra £60.


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October 23, 2014

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  1. MARY says:

    Donald, call up the company and ask to speak to the supervisor or the manager and ask for an explanation about every detail.

  2. Annie Macsween says:

    Send an email yo the supplier cc to haulier and ask why you have been charged twice.

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