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What a beautiful day – but I spent most of it inside!

It was a cracking morning, I took this picture at 6am, with my iPhone.


As you can see, pretty nice. I noticed the sheep on the top of the next hill, so popped inside to get my SLR and zoom lens, to get a picture. Donald “Chops” Morrison was on his way home after checking his sheep too. I think it paints quite the picture!


At 10am, I was in Stornoway, and spent most of the day there, doing voiceovers for Gaelic cartoons. I was a bull, pigeon, chocolatier, cool sheep, geeky fox, zebra, goose – and many more characters! I got a 2 hour lunch break and headed back home to Ness (a 30 min drive away) to check the sheep. All was clear.


I got home quite late and was greeted by a set of twins. The wind had picked up and as they were still a little wet, I moved them into shelter, to minimise impact of wind chill. They were fine in the morning.


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April 10, 2013

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